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Setup OPENVPN on DD-WRT residential vpn

Direct your browser to the DD-WRT router. The default address is "", unless changed earlier). Select "Setup" tab, then "Basic Setup" sub-tab and scroll down the page.


Set static DNS to and, uncheck Use DNSMasq for DHCP, Use DNSMasq for DNS, DHCP-Authoritative and Forced DNS Redirection.


Now scroll down to "Time Settings" and click to Enable "NTP Client". Set your preferred time zone and change the "Server IP/Name" to Now click "Save" and "Apply Settings" to effect the changes made.

Now access Services tab and select the VPN sub-tab. Enable Start OpenVPN Client below OpenVPN Client section and enter the details as given below:


Start OpenVPN Client: click to enable.

Server name: check server list at member center - node List

Port: 9001

Tunnel Device: TUN

Tunnel Protocol: TCP

Encryption Cipher: AES 256 GCM

Hash Algorithm: SHA1

Inbound Firewall on TUN:uncheck

User Pass Authentication: Enable

Username: your username (sign up okayvpn)

Password: your password (sign up okayvpn)

Advanced options: Enable

TLS Cipher: none

LZO Compression: adaptive

NAT: Enable

Firewall Protection: Select disable

IP Address: Leave as blank

Subnet Mask: Leave as blank

Tunnel MTU Setting: 1500

Tunnel UDP Fragment: Leave as blank

Tunnel UDP MSS-Fix: Disable

Verify Server Cert.: uncheck

TLS Key choice: TLS Auth

TLS Auth Key: Copy from the content beginning with <tls-auth>  </tls-auth> from the .ovpn configuration file

CA certificate: Paste in keys between <ca></ca> tags on the .ovpn file obtained at member center

Click "Save" and "Apply Settings" to save the setup.


Select the “Status” tab and click on the “OpenVPN” sub-tab. You can view the status and log for your OkayVPN connection here.